MYP Personal Projects

I am a very proud Personal Project supervisor! All four of my PP students worked very hard to create some pretty cool things. I chose these projects because they all relate in some way to sustainable living, one of my passions.

My favorite, something I get to enjoy every day, is a fountain that Andrea made. Her goal was to promote awareness of the widely disregarded natural environment in Hong Kong. When I saw the idea for this project my first thought was that this would be perfect for the garden. Andrea agreed to donate it to us and we had it outdoors for a few days, but then we decided to move it in where it would be safer. It now sits behind my desk, tricking all day long. I love it.

Daniel’s project was to build a model of an energy efficient house in Google SketchUp. He created everything by scratch, except for two items: the trees and the ceiling fans- Wow, what a lot of work! Enjoy the tour.

Jamie’s idea was to create a short film for Hong Kong teens to educate them on the problem of air pollution in Hong Kong and inform them on what they could do to help prevent it from becoming an even bigger issue. You can view her 3-minute video below.

Anthony created a model of an environmentally friendly city in SketchUp but I have not included his tour here as he used music in the video not labeled for reuse.

It was a real pleasure to work with these outstanding students.


2 Responses to MYP Personal Projects

  1. Daun Yorke says:

    Wow! So impressive! Innovative students, innovative supervisor!

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