Big Block: MARLISCO Video Project

This year Ms. Bernardo, the middle school Math teacher, and I were tasked with organizing the ‘big block’  sessions. Big Block happened once a month on a half day and the idea behind it was to have extended time for project-based learning. We decided to join the MARLISCO video challenge where students were tasked with creating a video that would bring awareness to the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans. We had the luxury of having five 4-hour blocks: On two separate days we went to Praia das Maças to do beach cleanups and take photos and shoot video for the projects. In the third block I put together a series of  videos  from which the students could draw inspiration; blocks 4 and 5 (plus some class time) were used for researching, creating and editing.

We were very excited when Team Horizon’s video was chosen as a finalist. We got to take a day off of regular classes to go to the awards ceremony at the Lisbon Aquarium and receive our 5th place award!

Of course, I thought all of the videos should have won but I guess this proud teacher is a bit biased.

Team Horizon

Team Horizon

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