Being a Girl Means…

For an ‘Understanding Sisterhood’ workshop geared toward Grade 6 & 7 girls that I volunteered to participate in I was asked to share (in 20 seconds) what it means to me to be a girl. Here’s what I came up with:

What does it mean to you?

P.S. The workshop went over well-  the girls were asked to write what they learned from the day, and here are some of their comments:

Today, I learnt that I can do whatever I want to do.
You can choose who you want to be.  It’s your choice.
I got out of this lesson is that girls can do whatever they want and be whoever they want.  I thought today was about being a girl and how life is.
Being a girl is a lot more fun than being a boy.
Today, at this Girls Activity, I learned that girls can be anything and anyone.
I learned to not let people say what you should do or not, and you should be free and think about do out of the box.
I learnt that girls are awesome!
You have to be yourself, don’t let anyone influence you or change the person you are now.
I can be who ever I want to be! ☺
It has pros and cons to be a girl.
I got out that a girl can be or do anything they want and don’t need to be ashamed of themselves.
I learned that girls are more free and we should love being a girl.
You can do anything you want.  Don’t stop believing.  Follow your dreams.  Don’t be mean. ☺
I think that girls are more awesome than boys after this session. ☺


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