Working in the Garden

Working in the sun

As you know if you have read this blog in the past, I’m lucky to have what is probably the nicest classroom in the school. Last year when I moved into this space I started the Garden Club and one of our goals was to have an outdoor space for students to work.
Today I went to check on my grade 7 Science students who were out working on Google SketchUp for their design cycle project and this is what I found. Loving being outside but too sunny to see the screen- perfect solution. So cute!

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5 Responses to Working in the Garden

  1. I’d challenge you for the nicest room in the school (we’d probably tie), but you’d definitely win for how well you use it! So awesome to see kids working outside 😉 You’ve done a lot of hard work to make that space a space they want to be in, which is super fantastic. Well done Ms. Daniels – I wish I’d had a teacher like you in middle school.

  2. Thanks, Aloni! I love that the kids want to use the outside space- I find that so many HK kids (including a few of my gardeners) really dislike being outside. It’s nice to see them enjoy and appreciate it.

  3. Stef Walsh says:

    this is so cute!! and what fantastic weather! I wish I could get my students outside…

  4. Cary says:

    Love it! Too cute!! Very smart!!!

  5. sammie says:

    that is really sweet… what will they think of next?

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