Off to work I go!

This great idea, to document my journey to work, came to me through Steve Katz, was originally started by Jess McCulloch, and has also been done by Tim Bray, Ben Sheridan, Kerri-Lee Beasley, Clint Hamada, and Kim Cofino. What a fun way to start a Monday morning just coming back from a holiday. Most of these photos were taken while riding my bike so some are a little blurry! I love my ride to and from work- it’s when my best ideas come- even in the crazy Hong Kong traffic (which you don’t see here since it’s early morning).

For better viewing, double-click the first image and make your way through.

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7 Responses to Off to work I go!

  1. Tim Bray says:

    Awesome! I think the parts that most captured my interest are the hills in HG, something I love about that city and the fact that you have breakfast three times!
    Cheers and thanks for the window into your life in HG.

  2. What a great post and a great insight into your life! You’ve added so much detail, this is really cool. I’m so glad people have enjoyed this little challenge. Just imagine getting kids to do it and comparing journeys to school. I’m hoping to set that up and get the kids to then write a sentence for each in whatever second language they are learning. Something like that anyway. See what goes! Thanks for playing 🙂

    • Thanks, Jess- it was a great idea you had, I had a lot of fun doing it. The kids would love to do something like that and great idea for learning second language. I know they would enjoy sharing theirs probably even more than I have enjoyed getting a glimpse into all of your lives!

  3. Clint Hamada says:

    The thought of three breakfasts is pretty scary and pretty delicious sounding! (Triple the bacon?!?) I’m curious: how far do you ride to school every morning? A 40-minute bike ride is a pretty good way to start your day!

    • I couldn’t imagine starting my day any other way! I think it is about 10 kilometers- not very far but up and over a pretty big hill (Hong Kong island). 3 breakfasts is just the way to go. Only one with bacon.

  4. Cary says:

    Very cool, loved reading the day in the life of a friend teaching young minds in Hong Kong! What a great idea to write this w/ photo’s made me smile!!! Thanks Hilary! TGIF by the time U get this!

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