Make Your Poster

For some reason when I ask my students to make posters I always require that they be hand drawn. I like the homemade look plus I always thought it required the kids to put more thought into them. This time though, when I asked my Science 7 & 8 classes to create safety posters, I decided to let them use any medium, as long as the photos and artwork were original. Not only did we have a lot of fun, in an hour we got some great posters:

The hand drawn ones were nice too.

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4 Responses to Make Your Poster

  1. Steve Katz says:

    Great posters! I especially like the first one. You should take some photos of the hand-drawn posters and add them here too.

  2. janealtemen says:

    I love your work! I’m teaching Grade 6 sci (MYP 1) for first time in 11 years and loving it. These kids are excited about everything. Would love to share ideas with you. (Jabiz the Intrepid Teacher hooked me up with your blog)

    My thing is to explicitly teach sci thinking process as discrete critical thinking – my old way was to do say 14 labs and each time I was repeating my ‘advice’ on the same child’s work re the usual stuff (this is not a testable question, etc etc). In other words I was assuming that in addition to the sci concepts the kids were somehow ‘picking up’ the thinking routines. Now I teach them explicitly and its much better.

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