Watch that garden grow!

This year I had the great luck to be moved to the 7th floor of our beautiful campus, a room with a balcony & a great view:

Aberdeen Harbor & Lamma Channel as seen from room 703

The balcony was ugly and unused. I’ve always wanted to have a garden.  So I started a garden club. When I left for the ADE Institute/ Spring Break on April 8, our microgarden looked like this:And when I came back today, April 26, it looked like this:

And then there’s this, the first fruit I’ve ever grown:

Oh, the joys of watching the garden grow!

For more information on microgardening see

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3 Responses to Watch that garden grow!

  1. I love the effect gardens and growing plants have on students. I have almost always had some kind of garden, but I do not this year for some reason. Thanks for reminding me that I should get back to the practice of putting seeds into the ground.

    Check out video if you have time.

    Welcome back to work.

  2. Stef Walsh says:

    this is awesome!! I love love love it!

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